How to make beats on Reason 9

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Wanted to share one of my most recent tutorial videos from Beat Club on how to choose your sounds when crafting a beat from scratch. New tutorials, live streams, and other discussion every…

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  1. Yo! It's Jhall said on May 9, 2017 11:24 pm:

    Like the video! I subbed, check out my vids too if you want! Gotta support each other to the rise to a 100, 00 subs! Keep grinding!

  2. Bene said on May 15, 2017 9:04 am:

    Do you produce preferably in Reason?

  3. Kd_M said on May 17, 2017 3:53 am:

    Is it better than FL? If so whats better about it?

  4. Edwin Ragland said on May 24, 2017 12:37 am:

    Reason is too good to be true. I have totally abandoned all my hardware. I simply just don’t need all that stuff anymore.

  5. J3r3m1ah1 said on May 31, 2017 9:34 am:

    what’s reasons workflow like? is it faster and easier then fl studio

  6. Yung Hunna Beats said on June 7, 2017 11:21 pm:

    How long have you been using Reasons? I gave up on it a while back but I always loved the quality and powerful sound engine compared to FL Studio. I now see that 9.5 offers the ability to use VSTs so the crossover is coming soon. This beat is dope! Keep it up!

  7. Rohit Singh said on June 15, 2017 1:19 am:


  8. Tee Mega Music said on June 30, 2017 11:39 am:

    We as producers need more videos like this, I need more on this.

  9. DizzyDaGodTelevision said on July 19, 2017 1:08 am:

    Do you start with the samples and instrumentation or drums and kicks I always have a tough time starting out

  10. KWB said on July 23, 2017 9:15 pm:


  11. BadNinja_99 said on September 8, 2017 12:26 pm:

    damn !!!! so epic

  12. Second Sun Beats - Strictly Underground said on September 29, 2017 2:14 am:

    Hvae you a tutorial how you make such 808 bass?

  13. Aidan Fine said on October 15, 2017 7:51 am:

    Hey Kato, I hope you can help me bro: how do I get my VSTs into Reason 9? I see this was released in November 2016, meaning this is probably only version 9. I hear you can only get VSTs in 9.5? Please help me, I am just a beginner to Reason. Hopeless here bro.

  14. Oscar M said on October 21, 2017 5:38 pm:

    The problem of Reason is that u must know how to play the key’s,if you don’t know how to like me,you better go to ‘ Fl Studio ‘

  15. sirgallium said on October 27, 2017 1:02 pm:

    Love the beat. I’m trying to learn reason to make beats now. This is slightly too much information really I just need to learn how to setup the sequencer but this vid will be great for me once I get that figured out.

  16. David Anderson said on November 9, 2017 1:26 pm:

    That beat is hard!!!

  17. Breeden Garage said on January 20, 2018 10:44 pm:

    I just got 10 and I’m like crawling around on this going nowhere lol

  18. Trikloe said on March 18, 2018 6:30 am:

    I was expecting more emphasis on the actual beat making process not the entire song

  19. DELICIOUS BEATS said on April 6, 2018 2:29 am:

    Yo, Reason its dope remenicing Bro! I was starting from Reason… Sometimes its dope to come back to your other progs.!