Installing Plugins | Logic Pro X

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In this episode of HyperProductionTV we will be looking at how to download and install 3rd party plugins to have more options available to you other than the stock presets and plugins that…

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  1. Chinmay Gaur said on October 12, 2017 8:45 am:

    I did all the steps but at last I am unable to search vst in Au instruments ,please guide

  2. craylabel said on October 19, 2017 7:45 am:

    Top vid, cheers for this!

  3. YOUNG J ENTERTAINMENT said on October 25, 2017 7:30 pm:

    maybe 2 and a half year later but now apparently logic goes wit AU and not vst no more, I downloaded some AU/vst and I download it but It don’t show in my logic? why, and I got the latest Mac

  4. Jireh Linthicum said on October 26, 2017 3:50 am:

    way too long of a damn intro

  5. Dj Morgan LaPoma said on October 31, 2017 10:58 pm:

    I have Arts acoustics and it comes with a component file and a VST file I didn’t place the VST file anywhere and I only put component in my Macintosh HD audio component file and it’s not showing up in my logic at all and Anybody help me?

  6. Knight said on November 13, 2017 8:56 pm:

    i have downloaded omnisphere and massive and no sound is coming from them with i hit a key

  7. Mr. Cat said on December 22, 2017 11:04 pm:

    Hello! I liked your video! ButI have a problem, I can’t find my plug-in in Logic Pro X…I installed this plug-in called Piano One, from Sound Magic. I did everything to install and move both files (the components and VST files) to their respective folders. But I can’t find my plug-in in Logic Pro X. Can you help me?

  8. Juan Casanova said on December 23, 2017 11:44 pm:

    How do you convert .rar plugins to logic?

  9. Rita El Jebari said on January 4, 2018 8:42 am:


  10. Narley Davidson said on January 8, 2018 10:42 pm:

    but you said stop learning online ????

  11. RARE KINGS said on January 10, 2018 4:20 pm:

    hey i just purdchased and downloaded Anteres autotune and my iLok drive. but it doesnt say conponents file anywere at all. i have a folder on my computer but as far as something to drag intio it…non exestent. i feel this was a scam and big waist of money for they dont even give reliable help…please help

  12. Liz Myx said on January 20, 2018 4:25 am:

    what if its just vst?

  13. DTH said on February 2, 2018 1:17 pm:

    I done everything you told me too and its not showing up on Logic Pro X… what did I do wrong?

  14. Xander Beats said on February 3, 2018 9:01 pm:

    I installed “Helm”, and I have the component and vst files in plugins folder and I can’t find it in logic

  15. Oliver Cook said on February 7, 2018 11:34 pm:

    So, I’ve downloaded a VST plugin and and there is no component file, there’s only a VST file. Is there anything I can do or should I just give up with it?
    A friend of mine using cubase has got it working so I don’t know

  16. Phil Guzzo said on February 10, 2018 8:20 pm:

    Great info but background music was super distracting, would be better without, but the video overall is helpful.

  17. Shaun Jam3s said on February 26, 2018 8:03 pm:

    what is a good site for audio effects likes autotune eq compreesion and other top plugins ????

  18. Calebwd said on March 4, 2018 2:59 am:

    i did every thing shown and when  i go to open the plugin in logic its not there

  19. Michael Blitz said on March 13, 2018 3:04 am:


    I have updated my Logic (10.4) and my OS (High Sierra). I am trying to get back my plugins: TrackGod, Nexus. I can’t seem to get them back with putting the files in their respective folders in my Library. I may be doing it wrong (obviously), can you help me with this please!!!!

  20. Felix Shaw said on April 14, 2018 12:48 pm:

    Thanks for the video. Your description of the difference between 64 and 32 bits is wrong though. You might be referring to the fact that 64 bit can address a lot more memory than 32 bit. But the main difference is that the machine code instructions of the software have either 64 or 32 bits per instruction.