Using External MIDI with Logic Pro X

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This is a quick tutorial on now to use an external MIDI instrument with the instrument tracks in Logic Pro X.

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  1. Javier Torres said on December 12, 2016 3:14 pm:


  2. Ben said on December 23, 2016 12:31 am:


  3. Randel Bailey said on January 11, 2017 8:56 pm:

    Thankful somebody could finally tell me how to do it! Just getting started, and this helped!!!

  4. earthacademy said on January 24, 2017 12:53 am:

    cheers!! 🙂

  5. Zac OnBothSides said on January 28, 2017 1:46 am:

    this is super helpful man, thank you. I’m struggling with this very thing. I have a nord 5 and am trying to run it just as it is, not as a controller, and I cant get it to show up and function. trying your advice now.

  6. Social Science Music said on January 31, 2017 6:27 am:

    THANK YOU!!!! I have been SO frustrated trying to get logic to control program changes in my sampler. Had it set up differently and no success.
    Just tried it your way and it worked beautifully. Brilliant 🙂

  7. מיכאל ב said on February 2, 2017 1:45 am:

    any idea how to use externeral midi instruments in this case its kronos so kronos fx on other inst channel . i mean to control with the fx and filters of the kronos on other inst plugin

  8. Cahban Morris said on February 15, 2017 5:34 pm:

    @MusiciansU my track is functioning as a microphone when I follow the instructions

  9. Sounder Systems said on May 7, 2017 1:37 pm:

    Thanks perfect and simple.

  10. Michael Frey said on May 7, 2017 5:58 pm:

    This was VERY helpful, even with the updates to Logic Pro X since this was posted I was able to figure it out. Thank you!!!

  11. Såñ Køfå said on May 11, 2017 5:50 am:

  12. Poppy Xander said on May 11, 2017 10:18 pm:

    When I bounce the recorded midi the track has no sound… I assume that it is because I only recorded midi data even though in playback I could hear the sounds from my keyboard. Trying to figure out how to make this external midi into audio (i think that’s what I’m trying to do …)

  13. adhdadhd303 said on May 12, 2017 2:17 pm:

    Hi I have recorded a midi track into Logic, now when the midi notes have finished my Synth carries on playing, how do I make it stop when the midi notes say it should stop? also I can’t alter the midi notes either, whenever I press play in logic the synth plays which is not useful when making a track, please help

  14. Matt Griffo said on June 17, 2017 12:38 am:

    This is great! Thanks for making this video

  15. dfouch70 said on October 15, 2017 3:19 pm:

    whenever i go to create other tracks, the external sound for the original track is changed to whatever i set the other tracks to. any idea on how to fix this?

  16. Oscar Anton said on October 31, 2017 5:58 pm:

    Thanks man !!

  17. Mario Duenas said on January 6, 2018 4:35 am:

    This is obsolete.

  18. Tonguç Bodur said on February 20, 2018 2:07 pm:

    Do I need a mid-hardware between the Mac and the keyboard like an audiobox?

  19. Jason Grayle said on March 13, 2018 1:31 am:


  20. Raven Littles said on April 21, 2018 8:45 pm:

    Thanks man!